Fanfiction: Rogneto

Fanfiction: Healing

Author: Angel of Snow

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto deal with the consequences of losing their powers. When they meet again, they realize they have more in common than they originally thought.”

Notes: A long story with an original, believable, and well-paced plot.  Involves pretty much the entire X-Cast, none of whom are too badly maligned.


Fanfiction: In the Afterglow and After Dawn

Author: BasiaM82

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “Magneto’s thoughts after X-Men Legacy 249,” and “Rogue’s thoughts the morning after X-Men Legacy 249.”

Notes: Two sides of the same story.  Set after Rogue and Magneto sleep together for the first time.  Rather bittersweet, but beautiful.  You don’t have to be a Roguneto fan to like these little ficlits.


Fanfiction: Taunting Repartee

Author: Christa4ever

Verse: Evo

Author’s Synopsis: “Shortly after Operation Rebirth Magneto leaves a note for Rogue asking her to met with him. Two days later she is outside of a little café. ‘Well here goes everything.’ she thinks as she walks into what might be the most important conversation of her life.”

Notes: An epically long (and as of yet, unfinished) story where Rogue and Magneto have one serious love/hate relationship.  They try and outwit each other and prove to be worthy adversaries.  A fair amount of suspense, action, humor, and romance.  Pretty perfectly balanced, if you ask me.


Fanfiction: Magneto Moments

Author: Daughter of Black

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Three short Stories, two parts each.”

Notes: Little stories that take place during the X-Men trilogy about the complex and quasi-romantic relationship between Rogue and Magneto.


Fanfiction: Hair Like Silk

Author: dens serpentis

Verse: Movie

Notes:  An intriguing fictlit set in an unknown circumstance that’s romantic and tragic.


Fanfiction: Corpusants

Author: eaberrance

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Beauty lies in unchained power.”

Notes: A little ficlit about power and the relationship between Rogue and Magneto.  A beautiful, quick read.

Fanfiction: Enjoy the Ride

Author: Evilerk

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “A Rogue/Magneto pairing. gasp That’s right. This just popped into my head and had to come out it’s a slight AU.”

Notes: Yeah … not going to lie.  Pretty much just PWP.

Fanfiction: Sleep

Author: Expected Aberrance

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “At times like this, Rogue’s ability to find rest under any circumstance irritated Erik to no end…”

Notes:  A cute ficlit about Rogue’s sleeping arrangements once she’s joined the Brotherhood.


Fanfiction: No More Than You

Author: Jezzie

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “It seems like Rogue is finally going to have a normal life. When her dream is dashed, she is devastated and disappears from her former life… until Magneto accidentally finds her.”

Notes: Simultaneously the most riveting and disturbing movie-verse Roguneto fanfics I’ve ever read.  If you like your Magneto to be extra crazy/super dominating and Rogue to be naive/submissive, you’ll love it.  There are some very dark elements, including torture, so read only if you can handle such things.


Fanfiction: And It Was So

Author: Lear’s Daughter

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “What if Magneto and Rogue had met under different circumstances, and the X-Men were never involved?”

Notes: A beautiful and sad story where Rogue has nothing to live for, so she joins Magneto to take part in his plans.

Fanfiction: Liberation

Author: Lear’s Daughter

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Written for the Demented Allure Holidays challenge. Probably not the holiday they had in mind…read and see. Some MR smut.”

Notes:  A grown Rogue reminisces about what happens after X-3 and confronts Magneto.

Fanfiction: Inappropriate Conduct

Author:  Miss Information

Verse: Evo

Author’s Synopsis: “An unwitting game of power is unfolding between enemies, turning forbidden intimate conduct into a confusing fight for control…but neither side can truly win this battle.”

Notes: Rogue gets stood up for a date, which unwittingly sends her into the arms of Magneto.  Their unconventional relationship progresses in a way neither are prepared for.  Lots of smut+ good pacing + character development = a guilty pleasure.


Fanfiction: Midnight Sun

Author: Menshevik

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “Midnight Sun is a ‘between the panels’ story based on Rogue and Magneto’s adventure in the Savage Land (Uncanny X-Men #269, 274 and 275)”

Notes: A piece of fan fiction from way back in the day (I think I first read it in the 90s) which mostly deals with the internal dialogue of the main characters in the old Savage Land Rogue/Magneto arc.  This story may be the first piece of Roguneto fanfic out there, so it’s worth a read just for that.

Fanfiction: Humans

Author: PrettyPurpleRogue

Verse: Evo

Author’s Synopsis: “The hope and lives of the entire human race lie in one simple question. What will you do?”

Notes: Mags gives Rogue some food for thought.


Fanfiction: Love, Like Blood

Author: Resolute and Willowaus

Verse: AU Comic

Author’s Synopsis:” What if Magneto and Mystique formed their Brotherhood of Evil together? How would that have affected Rogue’s life?”

Notes: A very, very dirty fic about a teenaged Rogue and her life in the Brotherhood.  Rogue and Magneto’s relationship is strange, to say the least, but all the main characters are well depicted and the plot develops realistically.

Fanfiction: Ideology

Author: Sionnain

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “When Rogue begins to doubt everything she’s been taught, things begin to fall apart. Will she be able to put the pieces of herself back together in the last place she thought possible?”

Notes: Life at Xavier’s gets progressively worse, and Rogue starts to lose it, big time.  Her life begins to unravel and she unwillingly finds herself at the Brotherhood’s door.  A well-paced story that realistically depicts how movieverse Rogue could have a serious change of heart.

Fanfiction: Disassociation

Author: Sionnain

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “When Rogue starts thinking she’s no longer human, that’s exactly how she starts to act.”

Notes: One-shot in the author’s Ideology universe.  Rogue and Magneto spend some time in London, observing yet being apart from humanity.

Fanfiction: Anything For You

Author: Sionnain

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue missed Magneto while he was gone.”

Notes: Very hot PWP in the author’s Ideology universe.


Fanfiction: Half Becomes Whole

Author: Sionnain

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis:  “Rogue, as a member of the Brotherhood, confronts someone from her past about the choices she’s made.”

Notes:  A nice little one-shot in the author’s Ideology universe.  Rogue has a bittersweet confrontation with Wolverine at a bar.

Fanfiction: Appease

Author: Sionnain

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue needs to calm down a bit after a mission.”

Notes: PWP in the author’s Ideology universe.


Fanfiction: Progression

Author: Sionnain

Verse: Evo

Author’s Synopsis:  “Life after Ascension is complicated, especially when lines begin to blur. Features RogueXMagneto, KittyXLance, and CharlesXJean, and a variety of other potentially disturbing things.”

Notes: This story deals with many various relationships/friendships, so at time it can seem scattered.  The author was smart about focusing on one main relationship per chapter, so if you’re not interested in a particular ship, you can skip it. Technically unfinished, but ends in a comfortable place.


Fanfiction: Burn

Author: Sparks

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “For you I’d burn the length and breadth of the sky”

Notes: Basically an extended drabble about Magneto’s feelings about Rogue.

Fanfiction: Sense

Author: Sparks

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Confusion is all of the mind. So is he, but that doesn’t stop her talking to him.”

Notes: A lonely Rogue find solace in the enemy-in-her-head.

Fanfiction: The Pilgrim’s Progress

Author: st aurafina

Verse: Movie

Notes:  After X3 Rogue and Magneto run into one another at a diner, the latter desperately trying to reverse the Cure.  They travel to a faith healer so he can try and regain his powers.  A poignant ficlit.

Fanfiction: Ten Little Things

Author: The Lady Elrond

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Two mutants, two lists, lots of fluff!”

Notes: Junk food for the roguneto lover’s soul.


Fanfiction: Adaptation

Author: Willowaus

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “When all she knows is destroyed, Rogue must learn to adapt or die trying.”

Notes: Takes place post X2. Basically it’s a story about Rogue growing up after a catastrophe and figuring out what she really believes and who she cares about.  The author manages to have a faithful rendition of movie-Rogue and make a romance between her and Magneto seem plausible.  Not an easy task.  Very well written and well paced with one multi-chapter and several one-shot sequels.

Fanfiction: House of Leaves

Author: Willowaus

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue learns to deal with the constant changes in her life with the Brotherhood.”

Notes: Sequel to Adaptation.  Rogue and Magneto have a very dysfunctional, but very intense, relationship.  I love all of Willowaus’ stuff, but this might be my favorite work of hers.

Fanfiction: Betrayal

Author: Willowaus

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue never thought that the bonds of friendship were so easily broken.”

Notes: A dark one-shot in the author’s Adaptation universe.  On a mission with the Brotherhood, Rogue encounters Wolverine and has to decide where her loyalties lie.

Fanfiction: Splintered Shadows

Author: Willowaus

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Recent events have thrown lives into chaos and formed unlikely alliances. POST X3.”

Notes: Semi-badass movie-verse Rogue leaves the X-Men and runs across a former Brotherhood member.  Sort of a growing up story with lots of violence and complicated relationships.  Unfinished, but it stops at a place that isn’t too infuriating.


Fanfiction:The Wound that Would Not Heal

Author: Willowaus

Verse: House of M

Author’s Synopsis: “A look at House of M!Rogue and what made her happy and how quickly it all fell apart.”

Notes:  A little slice of Red Guard Rogue’s life.  If you’re a fan of the House of M story arc, you should definitely give this a read.

Fanfiction: Fumbling Towards Clarity

Author:  Willowaus

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue meets an old friend.”

Notes: Post Savage Land arc, Rogue and Magneto have dinner together.  The former has a proposition for the later.


Fanfiction: Trembling Hands

Author: Willowaus

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue decides to take up Magneto on his offer to help her obtain control. This is a sequel to ‘Fumbling Towards Clarity’.”

Notes: Takes place around the beginning of the 2nd X-Men series.  A good look at Rogue and Magneto’s relationship and how it might have progressed if things had gone a bit differently.

Fanfiction: Keys to the Kingdom

Author: Willowaus

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “What if Rogue had stayed to help with the building of Genosha?”

Notes: An AU of the “Magneto Rex” storyline.

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