Fanfiction: Rogan

Fanfiction: Whatever it Takes

Author: Alexmonalisa

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “When you love someone, you sacrifice everything to protect them. No matter what the cost.”

Notes: Starts out similarly to X1, but Rogue is older and with a more complicated back-story.  A tear-jerking story about family.


Fanfiction: Memory is a Wound

Author: alcimines

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis:  “Set just after the second X-Men movie. Rogue discovers a terrible truth about Logan’s memory loss.”

Notes: A very inventive one-shot where Rogue unravels what has happened to Wolverine’s memories.  Short, sweet, and sad.

Fanfiction: Not all on the Sunny Side

Author: Anonymiss83 AKA Renee

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “One of the younger team members has found a way to deal with her problems. Unfortunately, it’s as far from the best way as one can get, and Rogue goes to Logan for advice, and reflects on their relationship.”

Notes: Short ficlit, where Rogue feels like she’s growing up too fast.


Fanfiction: Sleeping Beauty

Author: aranenumenesse

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis:  “Never a candle on to her grave.”

Notes: A little ficlit about Rogue after she’s gone, and those she’s left behind.


Fanfiction: The Legend

Author: aranenumenesse

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “I don’t need a miracle. I need the best.”

Notes: Rogue’s on the run from the labs and goes to Wolverine “the Legend” for help.  But he’s not the man he once was.


Fanfiction: Fighter / Artist

Author: Artemis 2050

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “Heck with Canada. I say we set this someplace warmer. How y’all feel about the Big Easy?”

Notes:  Logan and Marie meet a little later in life, in a world without superheroes.


Fanfiction: Journeys

Author: ataventure

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “One journey comes to a close and another begins anew.”

Notes: After years away from the X-Men, Rogue returns for what is hers.

Fanfiction: The Dangers of Holding Hands

Author: atmd

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie focused on dulling the pull of her skin, dampening her body’s desire to consume anything it came in contact with. That was the thing she hated about her mutation. Take, take, take. It felt selfish. She wished she had a mutation that was more suited to helping than hurting. Like if she could give away her own life force with a touch, rather than just steal others.  Post-X3. A little angst and a lot fluff. Nothing especially original or well-written here, to be honest, but hopefully a fun little read.”

Notes:  The plot in this ‘Rogue and Logan realize they’re in love’ story isn’t the most original, but there is an imperfection in their interaction that makes it feel very real and memorable.

Fanfiction: Lessons Before Bedtime

Author: Beth

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie has questions. Logan has answers.”

Notes: Talk of murder and smut.

Fanfiction: Young

Author: Brianna Aisling

Verse: Evo

Author’s Synopsis:  “She’s seventeen and as close to a soul mate as he’s going to find.”

Notes:  Ficlit where Logan ponders his feelings for Rogue.  Glad I’m not the only one who thought there was a spark there.


Fanfiction: Logan’s Run for the Bathroom

Author: butterflybrain

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan gets sick, Rogue takes care of him.”

Notes: Wolvie gets sick for the first time ever, and takes it about as well as most men do.  A funny, fluffy short fic.


Fanfiction: Hey, Pythagoras

Author: Charon

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Heat wave. Horny Logan. Mischievous Marie. And a school-room of mutants getting more education than anybody was expecting. Was meant to be a whole heap shorter, sorry!”

Notes:  Just a silly and slightly dirty one-shot, but it kept me in stitches.


Fanfiction: Different Sort of Day

Author: cloudyailin

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan turned Rogue away on that frozen highway, leaving her to be saved from Sabertooth by the XMen. Years later, Logan is sought out by the XMen who have started collecting mutants together.”

Notes: A day in the life of Rogue and Wolverine, where they meet under different circumstances than in the movie.  Nothing Earth-shattering, but a nice little character study and “what-if?”


Fanfiction: Touching Innocence

Author: Cytisus

Verse: Evo

Author’s Synopsis: “A series of events leaves Rogue with the temporary ability to touch. But will it be enough? Rogue/Logan, post Ascension, Part 2.”

Notes: Rogue tries to gain control over her mutation and tries to work out her feelings for Logan.  A touching backstory is created for Rogue, and Wolvie’s occasional POV is great.


Fanfiction: Smoky Zippers

Author: Dancing Raven

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue is finally able to touch! In her debut of skin showing though, a strut goes wrong and zippers save the day.”

Notes: Who says a story can be silly and smutty at the same time?


Fanfiction: Mommy Dearest

Author: Dark Ferret

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie has a secret.”

Notes: If you’re missing Rogue’s relationship with her mother in the movie-verse (you know who I’m talking about) this will satisfy that need and all your Rogan needs as well.  This story has one of the few OCs that I’ve ever liked.  Also read the sequel, it’s just as good.


Fanfiction: Feral in Me

Author: Darksidedown

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Little bit of Smutlet thrown around happenings Rogue gets powers.”

Notes: Logan’s feral side is extra feral in this one, and Rogue has to figure out how to deal with it, along with a new enemy.


Fanfiction: Right Said Logan

Author: DarkSeptember

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan gets hit by a tranq dart on a mission, with unforeseen side effects. Rogue’s POV, and as a fair warning, this is total unapologetic Loganmocking foof…”

Notes: A short humor fic centering around Rogue and Wolverine.  It’s a very silly premise, but I was quaking with laughter.  Don’t read this is a public place, everyone around you will think you’re cracking up.


Fanfiction: The Burning Red

Author: Deby

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue has to return to her past.”

Notes: Logan returns back to the mansion just in time to find Rogue returning to her childhood home to deal with a family tragedy.  Returning to the home she was thrown out of, Rogue receives new trauma, that neither she nor Logan know how to cope with.


Fanfiction: Ensnare

Author: Deep Salt Water

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Being ensnared doesn’t necessarily mean just being captured.”

Notes: Very dark, very smutty, very good.  ‘Nuff said.


Fanfiction: The Merchandise

Author: Doctorg

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “A black-market ring dealing in mutants, and Logan and Marie.”

Notes: A kidnapped Rogue meets an un undercover Wolverine, on the trail of his missing teammates.  Emotional, angsty, and smutty loveliness.


Fanfiction: The Taming

Author: Doctorg

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue believes that isolation is the key to her mutation, but is she really as alone as she thinks?”

Notes: Rogue has been with the X-Men (sans Wolverine) for years and has yet to gain control her mutation.  Going to extreme measures, she finds herself alone in a cabin, and comes across a strange visitor.  This story highlights the personalities of Marie and Logan, emphasizing why they complement each other so well. 


Fanfiction: Adaptations series

Author: Donna Bevan

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Can Wolverine and Rogue overcome the many obstacles to happiness?”

Notes: Logan’s gone, but Rogue’s developing some strange new traits that might be caused by him.  Told from multiple points of view and taking off after X1, the series charts how Rogue’s mutation changes and how her relationships change with it.


Fanfiction: Yellow Brick Road

Author: DutchXFan

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “‘Sometimes you know you take a wrong turn in life, but the crowd keeps you going.’ — Marie’s coming of age story while Logan’s trying to figure out what to do with his life as well. Foof and angst, friendship and drama. Picks up right after X2.”

Notes:  Rogue has to figure who she wants to be and how Logan will fit into her life.  Light on the superhero business, heavy on the very realistic rendition of Rogue’s journey into adulthood.  An incredible coming of age story, and every character is beautifully depicted.


Fanfiction: Forgotten

Author: Epic

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue goes to take the cure and is set up in the process. Coming out of it, she forms a new family containing old foes and new friends alike…”

Notes:  Rogue is stuck in a testing facility and the rest of the X-Men have conveniently forgotten about her.  When she gets out, she has to decide who she can trust and who she wants to be.  Love the conversations between Rogue and Sabertooth, and love to hate Bobby in this one.


Fanfiction: Sacrifice

Author: Epic

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “What if it had been Rogue and not Wolverine who took out Phoenix?”

Notes: This fic deals with something that few movie-verse stories ever touch upon, Rogue’s human parents.  Between that and seeing how Rogue deals with the Phoenix-in-her-head, it’s well worth a read.


Fanfiction: Getting There

Author: gammameta

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Post x2, unhurried RL shipper fic. Classic ‘Getting There’ story.”

Notes: After X2, the school and the X-Men are falling apart. Rogue does her part to keep things running, all while dealing with her evolving relationship.  Grumpy-Logan fic.


Fanfiction: All Revved Up with Nowhere to Go

Author: Green Owl

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “It was Saturday night.”

Notes: A smutty little shipper fic.


Fanfiction: Independence Day

Author: HobbitsdoitBetter

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Post X3 Logan and a cured Marie reassess their relationship while Logan tries to make his peace with being the one thing he never intended to be: A good influence.”

Notes: Rogue returns to the Mansion after taking the Cure and has to deal with her schoolmates’ and teachers’ reactions.  If you were as pissed as I was about how X3 ended for Rogue, this is a good read, making everything more palatable and still realistic.


Fanfiction: Stray

Author: hobbitsdoitbetter

Verse: Uber AU

Author’s Synopsis: “Once upon another time… A young woman with poisonous skin is saved from certain death by a mysterious, hazel-eyed protector and his troupe of miraculous companions. But is there more to him than he’s telling her? AU, dark fairytale ‘verse”

Notes:  Interweaving Marvel characters and fantasy elements, this story is one of the most original works of fanfiction I’ve come across.  Plenty of magic, mystery, and drama.


Fanfiction: Jitters

Author: hobitsdoitbetter

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Wedding bells are ringing in Xavier’s as Kitty drags Logan, Marie & Jubes to New Orleans for her big day. But what will happen when Logan introduces Marie to his old friend, Cajun charmer Remy LeBeau?”

Notes: Pretty standard Rogue and Wolvie finally get it in their heads that they’re perfect for each other plot, but told with a great sense of humor (and a sexy Cajun, too!).


Fanfiction: Lost Souls

Author: Jamie

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “If Marie were human, would her life be better? Possibly, but not in this story, baby!”

Notes: A human Rogue comes across a mutant Wolverine, and both have their fair share of demons.  They might be able to help one another out, assuming that no one tries to kill them or that they’re pig-headed about the matter.  But that would never happen, right?


Fanfiction: The Wanting Time

Author: Jaq of Spades

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Five days of torture, before her blood time. Scent so thick with musk that it made his judgment suspect, and his hands untrustworthy.”

Notes: Not going to lie, this is pretty much pure smut, but damned if it ain’t well written smut.


Fanfiction: Gambit’s Woman

Author: Jaq of Spades

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan meets an old friend in a bar, and is forced to remember a mutual acquaintance.”

Notes: Short and bittersweet (and a little smutty)


Fanfiction: You Belong to Me

Author: Jaq of Spades

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “He wanted bridal white and squalling cubs and a cabin that was cut off from the world for six months out of twelve. He knew she wasn’t that girl, some nineteenth century prize, but the problem was … he couldn’t bring himself to care.”

Notes: Crap.  I think my heart just broke.  But so damn beautiful.


Fanfiction: The Wolverine Keyed My Car

Author: JayJay015

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “After Bobby dumps Marie for Kitty, Logan has some ideas of his own, on how his best friend can get herself some payback! After which, Marie is left questioning, what is her relationship with Logan really? Friends? Or more than that?”

Notes: A funny and sweet one-shot focusing on Rogue and Logan’s friendship.  Any piece of writing that uses the word gazelle repeatedly automatically gets my vote.


Fanfiction: Bedtime Stories

Author: jenn

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “This is a sick little twisted story, but you know, I needed to do it.”

Notes: Logan and Marie’s version of a bedtime story – it’s deliciously twisted.


Fanfiction: In a Thousand Miles

Author: jenn

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan runs. Rogue goes with him and wears leather.”

Notes:  Wolverine takes Rogue up North, and she decides she can deal with being second best.


Fanfiction: Overheard

Author: Jenn and Victoria P

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “THIS, my friends, is what happens when you start speculating on how Logan would give Marie the ‘birds and bees’ talk.”

Notes: No matter how embarrassed you were when you witnessed the condom on the zucchini demonstration, it will never compare to how embarrassed Rogue is.  But there are some major payoffs for her.

Fanfiction: Stealing Rogue and the Beast in Rogue

Author: Jenny & Kazi

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: Rogue is a member of the Brotherhood. When Mystique hires Wolverine to assist on a job, the cranky Canadian and the Southern Belle have to learn to work together.

Notes: A driven, perfectionist Rogue has to work with grumpy Wolverine.  Their personalities clash, but start to turn to a strange friendship.  The sequel is rather heart-breaking, but excellently written.


Fanfiction: Northern Territories

Author: jjblazer

Verse: mixed AU

Author’s Synopsis: “This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting that is not in the least original. Others have done similar works, notably Terri and Heather, and no doubt many more that I’ve not happened to run across. An uneven blending of Stephen King’s The Stand, the movie The Road Warrior, bits and pieces of the X-Men movieverse and heaven only knows what else, and this is the result.”

Notes: An epidemic destroys almost every vestige of society, leaving only a few scattered settlements.  Wolverine wanders into one of them, meeting Rogue for the first time.  A great story of love and survival.


Fanfiction: Blood

Author: Joanne

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Dark!/ Feral Logan here finally admits to his darker nature through an incident that leaves Marie vulnerable. Which this Logan exploits.”

Notes:  Dark and smutty.  ‘Nuff said.


Fanfiction: Marie the Brave

Author: Joanne

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis:  “A take on the Russian Fairy Tale ‘Vassily The Brave.’  Marie gets her head cleared by events and she has to realize just exactly who she’s in love with.”

Notes: The author brilliantly manages to blend a folk tale and the X-Men.  Who knew it could be done?


Fanfiction: Seven Days

Author: Joanne

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis:  “Logan gets caught and we find out something about love.”

Notes: A short but gut-wrenching story that’s expertly executed.  It reminds me a bit of “V for Vendetta” for reasons you’ll understand if you read it.  Same kind of sadness.


Fanfiction: No Choice series

Author: Kristine

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “An AU in which Logan appears to know immediately that Marie belongs with him. The truth may not be so simple.”

Notes:  No fluff here.  Wolverine’s feral personality is in control, and he takes what he wants.

Fanfiction: Embers

Author: Lachlanrose

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Passion never ignites the same way twice.”

Notes: Scenes from Rogue and Wolvie’s love life.  Sexy and beautiful.


Fanfiction: Things I Know

Author: Lachlanrose

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “What if it isn’t really about waiting for a little girl to grow up? Logan and Marie deal with some difficult issues. Mature themes.”

Notes: Rumination by both Rogue and Wolverine on the things they know about each other and how deep their connection really is.


Fanfiction: Run

Author: lachlanrose

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan’s claws were in her chest. His life force filled her body. His thoughts echoed in her head, shouting one thing over and over. Run. She does… and it takes him a decade to catch her again.”

Notes:  A decade long story about the ups and downs that Rogue and Wolverine go through.  Starts with a great interpretation of the night Logan accidentally stabs Rogue, and goes to some interesting and dark places, but with a lovely resolution.


Fanfiction: Pepperonis & Panties

Author: Laenwyn

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie’s sulking and refuses to talk to Logan. Logan on the other hand tries to figure her out but needs some help and there’s only one man fit for the job … unfortunately.”

Notes: Foof, but so much fun.  Rogue pouts, Logan’s surly, and Scott tries to come up with witty comebacks.


Fanfiction: Coeur d’Hiver

Author: Laenwyn

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “It’s new years eve one year after Jean’s death at Alkali Lake. Rogue & Scott are trying to deal with life and losing Logan & Jean.”

Notes: Post-X2 story with lots of angst and a bit of smut.  The friendship between Rogue and Scott in this one is wonderful; perfectly portrayed and very believable.


Fanfiction: The Wolverine’s Mate

Author: Lisa GreenEyeLove

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan and Marie hook up in Laughlin City. This is AU, I’ve tweaked some facts and history and I gave Carol healing along with strength…you’ll see.”

Notes: Rogue and Wolverine meet when they’re both a little older and have already had experience with the X-Men.  Result?  An instant connection.


Fanfiction: Need You Now

Author: Lunarkitty

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie’s powers have been “lost” to the cure. Alienated by her mutant companions, she sets out to make a new life for herself. Unfortunately, she finds herself in need of help from a certain, adamantium enhanced mutant as her life lies in the balance.”

Notes:  There is an element of mystery to the first few chapters that is expertly done; the rest of the story deals with loss and redemption.  Absolutely heartbreaking and beautifully written.  Don’t worry, the end won’t completely depress you.


Fanfiction: Sensual Interlude

Author: Karen11

Verse: Evo

Author’s Synopsis: “When the mutants decide to go into hiding, Logan takes a certain sassy Southern gal with him.”

Notes: A nice little piece of smut.


Fanfiction: Slow Revival series

Author: M Jules

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “Just a weird moment I had when I was reflecting on Wolverine and Rogue and why I think they belong together, even (or especially) in their comic incarnations.”

Notes: A five part series where Wolvie and Rogue contemplate taking their relationship in a romantic direction.  Very true to the comic universe, well written, and strangely beautiful.


Fanfiction: Baby It’s Cold Outside and Zero Sum

Author: M Jules

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “Wolverine and Rogue spend Christmas together in New Zealand… Christmas isn’t the only holiday that Logan and Rogue celebrate together.”

Notes:  Rogue and Logan are captured by anti-mutant forces, stripped of their powers, and thrown into a work camp.  This is the story of how they try to survive.


Fanfiction: Slow Train Coming

Author: M Jules

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “This is an AU that takes place ten years after X1 would have, only Logan and Rogue never met… until now, in that same rundown bar in Laughlin City. Older and jaded, and with a history behind her that sounds a lot like comic-Rogue, Marie finally meets Logan, and this is the story of what happens then. You like happy endings? Your train don’t unload at this station.”

Notes: A much darker take on the normal Rogue and Logan meet and it’s love at first sight story.  A short one-shot. Also check out Slow Train Coming Remix by Artemis2050 for the other side of the story.


Fanfiction: Accidentally Like a Martyr

Author: Molly

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “What if Rogue didn’t want Logan to want her?”

Notes:  After years of waiting, Rogue finds out the Wolverine thinks about her in *that* way.  And she’s pretty damn pissed about it.  Love the realistic portrayal of the characters and spliced narrative.


Fanfiction: Death Drives a Mini-Van

Author: NoVa451

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “It’s been a few years since X2 and things happened and not everyone’s where they expected to be. Logan’s world is opened up when he’s asked to help assist in the transportation of a special package.”

Notes: Years after leaving the X-Men, Wolverine finds out that Rogue is dead – but her body is still in danger.  A very suspenseful, excellently paced drama.


Fanfiction: A Rogue Obsession

Author: Queen of Old

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan develops a dangerous obsession with Marie, but knows he can never fully have her…so he takes what he can get, leaving damage in his wake.”

Notes: A dark romance, where Logan is pretty much an asshole, especially in the beginning.  But most of the other main characters are pretty messed up too, making for one dysfunctional yet powerful relationship.


Fanfiction: Memory and Instinct

Author: Queen of Old

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “When Logan is shot with an adamantium bullet at Alkali Lake, he loses his memory of the mansion, the XMen and, most importantly, Marie. See what happens when they’re forced to start over again and Logan is left with only his instincts to guide him.”

Notes:  The dialogue between the memory-less Wolvie and Rogue is priceless, and there’s an interesting twist at the end.


Fanfiction: The Morning After

Author: Ransome99

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie wakes up to a surprise laying next to her…”

Notes: Rogue and Wolverine sleep together and now they have to figure out what it means to their friendship.


Fanfiction: Surrender

Author: redvelvetcupcakes

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “All he had ever done had been for her. He had surrendered his very self for her and now she had to return the gesture. Even if it did mean sacrificing everyone she had ever known and loved.”

Notes: A dark fic, where Wolverine and the X-Men are on opposing sides.  This one stuck with me since I first read it a few years ago.

Fanfiction: The Girl

Author: Rose Summer

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “‘We love to learn we are not alone.’-C.S. Lewis. The Wolverine meets, saves, and reluctantly befriends a girl while undercover.”

Notes: In a very bleak world a fourteen year old Rogue meets Logan.  I would almost call this story depressing, but the author manages to make the characters and relationship so authentic, it’s more of a story of hope against all odds.  Beautifully written, but if your looking for happy relationships, go elsewhere.


Fanfiction: Heal Over

Author: RoseSummer

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “It wasn’t about doing the right thing. He just couldn’t bring himself to do anything else, with her.” Logan stumbles upon Marie in a mutant experimentation lab.

Notes: Rogue gets rescued by Logan, but she is permanently damaged.  A story of him trying to nurse her back to health and finding true devotion in the process.

Fanfiction: Science Geek Series

Author: RoseSummer

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: ‘The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.’ -Carl Jung.  The story of Logan’s departure and return to the mansion (and to Marie), inspired by scientific definitions.

Notes:  Told from Logan’s POV starting at X1, it chronicles the changing relationship he has with Rogue.  A naturalistic approach to the usual shipper fics.


Fanfiction: Your Love Licks My Wounds

Author: RouDeVil

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “But knowing afterwards, after we’re done bleeding and after we’re done dying, there is someone who doesn’t want that from you. Someone who understands having your body used.”

Notes: A ficlit about battle wounds and comforting touches.


Fanfiction: They Smile

Author: Sarcastic Fina

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “She’s always smiling like she’s got some big secret…”

Notes: A great drabble about what makes Wolverine and Rogue smile.


Fanfiction: More Than a Rogue

Author: September

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Sometimes we get the balance wrong. Life is not about knowing the answers, life is what happens while you’re looking for them. And the bad decisions? The screw-ups? They’re what keep it interesting.”

Notes: A story about Rogue trying to figure out who she is after the cure fails and she leaves the mansion, told with mix of angst and humor.  Both Rogue and Wolverine are pretty screwed up in this one, which certainly makes it seem realistic.


Fanfiction: Wolverine and Rogue Have Sex

Author: September

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Wolverine and Rogue have sex. A screenplay, as in – it’s on your screen and I’m playing – starring James Logan as the chauvinistic alpha male playboy and/or tyrant, and Marie D’Acanto as the simpering female that swoons to his wishes. Ode to Mills and Boon, Harlequin, and all the really crap smut in the world.”

Notes: Breaking the forth wall with Logan and Marie.


Fanfiction: False Accusations and their Consequences

Author: Shadow Lady

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Nobody understands Logan and Rogue’s relationship.”

Notes:  Wolverine and Rogue comfort each-other during their shared nightmares, but a jealous Jean might ruin their unique friendship.


Fanfiction: Claiming

Author: Shadow Lady

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Logan does a bit of claiming.”

Notes:  Wolverine feels the need to claim Rogue, in the most savage way possible.


Fanfiction: Saturday’s Tears

Author: Shadow Lady

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue’s dead, and Logan can’t let go. The harder he clings, the deeper he slides into the darkness that he was, until he’s given a gift.  A chance to change history - but is it what he really wants?”

Notes:  Oh boy, the angst.  Logan’s deterioration in this story is well rendered and heart-breaking.


Fanfiction: On Vacation

Author: Shadow Witch Orchid

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie finally makes it to Alaska and meets a gorgeous stranger on her way home.”

Notes: Basically PWP, but with some sweet bits.


Fanfiction: Unconditional

Author: sharonmjl47

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “There is nothing quite like unconditional love.”

Notes:  In an AU with no mutants, Marie struggles as a single mother, but is happy with the life she’s carved out for herself.  When her ex comes back in the picture, it all might be destroyed.  Enter Officer Logan.


Fanfiction: Instinctive

Author: Sionnain

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “It’s instinctive, what he feels for her. At least, this is what he tells himself.”

Notes: Extended drabble on why Logan acts the way he does with Rogue.


Fanfiction: Learning to Fly

Author: Skyblue Rae

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis:  “She’d laugh and talk to him in a way that I knew she made him feel like the greatest person in the room, no matter who was around.  That’s when it hit me.  She used to look at me like that!”

Notes:  The whole “Logan realizes he loves Marie” thing has been done to death, but Skyblue Rae’s take on it is realistic, poetic, and utterly beautiful.


Fanfiction: Callous

Author: skybound2

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “And through the pain, through the pain she mourns it. Mourns the loss of the child she was, of the adult she thought she’d be. Back when things were simple, easy, linear. When life followed a logical course, and she could tell you where she’d be in one year. Five. Ten.”

Notes:  A familiar plot, but excellently written with good character development.  Rogue gets captured, and when she returns back to the mansion, her mind unravels.


Fanfiction: Rogan Seuss

Author: soulless lover

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Would you, could you, for a beer? Would you, could you? Tell me, dear.”

Notes: Simultaneously dirty as hell and bust-a-gut hilarious.


Fanfiction: The Other Man

Author: soulless lover

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “It would be so bad if I couldn’t hear them …”

Notes: Rogue is in a relationship with Gambit, but sleeping with Logan on the side.  This does not make the Wolverine happy.  Angst, a bit of smut, and an epiphany.


Fanfiction: Locked Away

Author: StellaMaru

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue and the Mysterious Attic Dweller.”

Notes: A more damaged Rogue and a more feral Wolverine meet at the mansion, both trying to find something they can hold onto.  A simple but well told story.


Fanfiction: Class Four

Author: Syrin

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue’s discovery that the cure has limitations sends her on a journey. In the process, she’ll find out just what she’s made of and what she’s capable of doing. Starts toward the end of X3.”

Notes:  Rogue grapples with her powers, her relationships, her past, and self-identity in this well-paced drama.


Fanfiction: Framed!

Author: TheChimeraSculptress

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Marie persuades Logan to pose for her latest art project - naked!”

Notes: A funny, fluffy rogan story.


Fanfiction: Feral, His and Hers

Author: Triangulum

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Rogue absorbs a bit too much of Logan and gets more of his feral instincts than she’s used to. And her feral really wants his. The Wolverine is ready to make her his.”

Notes: Nice little piece of smut.


Fanfiction: Rogue Assassin

Author: Vickie

Verse: Movie AU

Author’s Synopsis: “Assassin Rogue is hired to kill Wolverine.”

Notes: A far more disturbing version of Rogue than is normally portrayed sets out to kill Wolverine and manages to practically destroy the X-Men as a bonus.  Very engrossing, very dark.


Fanfiction: Things To Do In Westchester When You’re Bored

Author: Vickie

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Boredom leads to mischievous measures.”

Notes: The junior team makes up a very strange competition, hilarity ensues.


Fanfiction: Caliper

Author: Victoria P

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “‘Logan nodded firmly, congratulating himself on handling the kid. He could do this. Hell, this kid was a cakewalk compared with some of the kids he saw at Xavier’s.’”

Notes: A very sweet scene where Wolvie chats with a sick boy and comes to a few realizations.


Fanfiction: Last One Standing

Author: Wolviezchick

Verse: 616

Author’s Synopsis: “The Legacy virus… a friendship… death…”

Notes: A ficlit where the last remaining X-Man reflects on someone special that they’re lost.


Fanfiction: Sleeper

Author: xbedhead

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “The world had changed drastically in the past eleven months, been thrown off its entire axis and Marie hadn’t even felt it tilt.”

Notes: Logan manages to save Rogue before the MRA goes into effect, then leaves her in the wilderness for safety.  Does his return mean salvation or doom?


Fanfiction: Sworn to Protect

Author: Yasona Black

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Even in death…”

Notes: Logan saves Rogue, just a little too late.  A touching extended drabble.


Fanfiction: Should This Be Love

Author: Yasona Black

Verse: Movie

Author’s Synopsis: “She stands outside his room every night. When she knows he’s asleep, she makes her way inside.”

Notes: Super crazy stalker Rogue.  Makes for interesting, but disturbing, reading.


Fanfiction: You Won’t Find Her

Author: your21

Verse: movie

Author’s Synopsis: “Anyone can get lost, especially in their emotions.”

Notes: A story of how Rogue deals with her feelings after X3.  Very realistic, and a good alternative to the traditional rogan stories where their emotions are equally reciprocated.

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